Having a personal brand that sets you apart from the crowd will get you seen as more creditable. A great brand encourages and motivates the customer to look you up. It’s a powerful way to gain your customers trust.

When creating a brand, there are four main factors to consider:
Color, Visibility, Uniqueness and Consistency



The important of color.
Different colors have a direct impact on emotions and is guided as an unconscious manner. Color can even change your heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. It can even change how a person perceives the temperature. Choosing the wrong colors can have a negative impact on your business goals. Everyone chooses a color that they like, but do those colors send the real message about your company?

Ever wonder why reds and yellows are predominately used in fast food restaurants? Not only is the color yellow the most visible in daylight, but the combination of using red and yellow actually stimulates your brain to make you feel hungry.


You’ll go far with Visibility.
The choice in color, symbolism and typography effects your readability and legibility, and ultimately has a direct impact on your visibility. Some other factors that can impact your visibility are weather, lighting and different media such as outdoor signs, print material and web design.

How clear your brand is, and what attracts the general attention is one of the most powerful messages. Think of it as a perceived quality and a reason for your customers to buy your service or product. Good visibility will get you seen, but great visibility can enhance the interpretation of your brand and give confidence to your customers.


Your Unique Power
The power to be different is what sets you apart from your competitors and makes you stand out from the crowd. Your uniqueness comes from your heart, and is what drives your passion. It draws your customers to you, and it can’t be found anywhere else. The importance of being unique ..

Consistency is the Key
Having a good presents can have a positive impact on your business. If someone googles your name and your presents is very poor and not consistent, customers will not take you seriously and they’re going to assume there is a much better option out there – and that is not what you want.

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